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Who we are

SSEL is a Limited company incorporated in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India and commenced its operation during the year 1993.

SSEL is a registered member of Electronics and Computer Software Exports Promotion Council of India.

SSEL is an IT Consulting and Software Services provider from India to the Global market. We assist our customers in adopting latest new technologies and practices to their business advantages. We advise our customers on strategic business and technology plans, develop appropriate IT application solutions through outsourcing and/or contract staffing

SSEL Vision

SSEL has been formed with the vision to cater:

Turnkey Software Projects to the global market

Ready to use software products to the global market

Distribution of authorized software to local Market

Exports Projects, Products and Services

Data Automation and Internet of the Things (IoT)

Cloud ERP software solutions to the world corporates, SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) and Tiny companies.

In 1990 SSEL (Earlier known as Nagammai Associates) implemented its software for Spinning Mills Production and Waste monitoring System to M/s Kadri Mills Ltd., Coimbatore (Unit of well known KG Group). From there, we are proud to serve more than 180 customers which include Coimbatore Lakshmi Group Mills, Dindigul Soundararaja Group Mills, Madurai TVS Group Mills and Thiagarajar Mills, some Co-operative Mills & Govt. Mills in Kerala, few Mills in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh and etc.,

During the year 2002, SSEL launched its software product, SpinERP – Textile Spinning Mills ERP software system. Today SpinERP Customers spread across India and Bangladesh. SSEL also developed and implemented ERP software to other textile vertical like Weaving, Knitting & Garments, Socks Manufacturing, Process House and etc.,

Other than textile vertical, SSEL has developed and implemented software on turnkey basis to Transport Management, Foundry Management, Hospital Management, Hotel Management, Yarn Trading, Tea Packaging Industry and etc.,

SSEL is very committed in providing true value to the customers by guaranteeing and delivering quality IT solution at competitive price. SSEL keep quality promises and provide most generalized solution so that the customer need not invest their time and money repeatedly due to improper or inappropriate or inadequate data / design requirement.


SSEL is a professionally managed organization with more than 30 technically experienced developers involved in software product development.

It also posses a talented marketing team to take the products both to domestic and international companies.

SSEL has a talented pool of techies in software service team to implement, maintain, train, assess and update the requirement of the client on a time to time basis.

In its man – management relationship, SSEL has successfully retained most of its team members though the industry claims for higher itineration.

Our people and services can help our customers to reduce development efforts, project costs and timely take off with the planned IT solution. Our focus is to align ourselves with our customer’s needs and provide service support at all required level.