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Textile ERP software products from SSEL

SSEL is having a separate software development and customization wing for textile industry. SSEL with its incomparable rich experience with textile industry has introduced industry specific ERP software’ products. Over the last 20 plus years, SSEL has implemented its software products to more than 180 textile spinning mills in India, some spinning mills in Bangladesh, some textile composite mills, some weaving mills, garments and a socks manufacturing company and Process house (Dye House).

It is to be noted only a select few companies in the world, took initial initiatives and invested resources to develop application software product to the market. SSEL is one among such few companies and No.1 Company in India to introduce textile specific software product.


SpinERP – Spinning Mills manufacturing ERP software

LoomERP – Weaving Mills manufacturing ERP software

GarERP – Knitting and Garments manufacturing ERP software

SocksERP – Socks manufacturing ERP software

ProHouseERP – Process (Dye) House Management ERP software

SSEL Textile ERP Software Features and benefits

SSEL ERP software is industry specific ERP software. It means the ERP software is standard software for the targeted industry and it can be implemented to the targeted industry without customization. Even if there is customization wanted for a specific company for some reason, the requirement mostly could be to the extent of 5% to 6% and for a special case, the requirement might be 10%. So the customization process will be completed within a reasonably very short period of time.

User Friendly - Easy to use menu driven.

Software designed with Client/Server Technology & GUI.

Incorporated with Industry used best business practices

Total software solution to manage all functional areas of textile management and it is totally integrated. No data is entered 2nd time. So data reconciliation process is eliminated.

Data entry screens are mostly used with Grid controls (say Excel like). So, data entry time to operator is greatly reduced and their job made easy.

Ready to use widely accepted statements for textile Manufacturing industry. Every statement is available at any point of time upto the last data entered.

With Minimum and simple input data, SSEL uses it’s logical solution with textile mills standard manipulative method to support more analytical reports

Reporting system could be rearranged for the individual company requirement and new reports can be added at any point of time.

Reports can be stored as document or Excel, so easy mobility with reports.

Email - auto send report as attachment

SMS alerts for wherever it is necessary

SSEL ERP is enabled for data integration from external devices like weigh scale with communication port (say RS232), Attendance Marking system (like finger print or biometric ) and etc.,

User privileges available tightly to avoid misuse of software and data security.

SSEL ERP is the best ERP software solution for Textile Manufacturing Industry.

SpinERP – Spinning Mills Manufacturing ERP software

SpinERP- Spinning Mills ERP Manufacturing Software System exclusively designed, developed with the latest software tools, truly integrated and tested for Spinning Mills Industries. The world class spinning mill’s specific MIS reporting system available with SpinERP are widely accepted by every spinning mills management where SSEL worked so far. There are about 18 modules in SpinERP.

Modules in SpinERP

Pay Roll Accounting

Cotton Purchase & Raw Material A/c.

Store’s Purchase Order Processing

Stores Stock Maintenance

Yarn Sales, Waste Sales & Analysis

Sales Export Documentation(Optional)

Financial Accounting

Production & Waste Monitoring

Waste Stock Accounting

Finished Goods Stock Accounting

Energy Accounting

Labour Engagement

Machine Maintenance(Preventive, Breakdown, Special)

Electrical Maintenance

Quality Assurance

Costing – Standard and Budgeting

Spin Plan

Daily Profit & Loss

SSEL took keen interest to take minimum but adequate input data for each module. Data are secured and prevented data misuse by tightly arranged ‘software user usage definition’.

SpinERP is the best software to monitor and maximize the 3 factors, Utilization %, Production Efficiency % and Waste % on day to day basis.

LoomERP – Weaving Mills Manufacturing ERP software

Weaving mills used to source its raw material that is yarn from spinning mills. In majority of the cases, grey yarn is directly used for weaving. For some specific cases, processed yarn used at weaving. There are companies available with in-house processing facilities. There are companies which would look for outside processing facilities for job work. Both of these situations are managed in this LoomERP software. Material movements, material whereabouts, beam movements, beam whereabouts and their stocks are best controlled through this LoomERP.

Modules in LoomERP

Pay Roll Accounting (Salary & Wages)

Cloth Order Booking and Tracking

Raw Material Planning and Purchase Order processing

Raw Material Accounting (Yarn Purchase Accounting)

Store’s Purchase Order Processing

Store’s Accounting (Spares Purchase and Issues, Dye purchase and Issues)

Sales Invoicing, Complete Sales Analysis

Financial Accounting /p>

Job Work Order Processing

Production Planning

Production Monitoring and Waste Control (Warping, Sizing, Weaving and Inspection)

Finishing Process

Waste Stock Accounting

Beam Stock Management

Finished Goods Stock Accounting

Machinery Maintenance consisting of Preventive, Breakdown, Special Maintenance and Analysis

Electrical Maintenance

GarERP – Knitting & Garments Manufacturing ERP software

Costing, sampling, order booking and timely delivery are important assignments for any Garment producing company. ‘Job work’ cannot be avoided by this industry. Sourcing the raw material, monitoring the stock movements on various (including out sourced) process till to dispatch, it is necessarily to be seen and satisfied by executives. GarERP helps the knitting and garmenting companies for smooth flow of material and it to mature for dispatch on time with billing.

Modules in GarERP

Costing - Measurements, Yarn cost, Fabric cost, Processing cost, Accessory Cost, Fabric Consumption, Wastage %, Process Loss %, Trims cost, Factory Overheads, Head Office Overheads and etc.,

Order Processing - Order Booking, Planning, Requirement, Samples and etc.,

Stock Maintenance - Yarn, Fabric, Accessories, Stock adjustment, Stock transfer, Machineries, Spares and Needles stock and etc.,

Production Processing - Yarn, Fabric, Knitting and Garments

Export Sales / LC Documentation

Financial Accounting

Pay Roll (inclusive of Piece rate) And Salary

SocksERP – Socks Manufacturing ERP software

SocksERP is to correctly account individual machine wise production and waste. More waste directly influences more loss to the company. As socks manufacturing companies even accept small volume of orders, accordingly materials also sourced. In this case, more waste will lead to delay delivery or sometime cancellation of orders.

SocksERP helps the management for budgeting raw material against every order and smart machine allotment to maximize the machine utilization and production loss. SocksERP helps the management to identify more waste making machine for clinical action by the engineers.

Modules in SocksERP

Sampling Data

Orders Booking

Yarn requirement planning & allotment

Yarn stock maintenance (Purchase orders, Yarn Receipts & Issues)

Production Machine allotment

Production Accounting and Floor Stock Maintenance

Finished Goods Stock Maintenance

Billing and documentation


ProHouseERP – Process (Dye) House Management ERP software

Creating new color recipe, preserving and reusing old color recipe on demand are critical for any Process House in manually maintained system. ProHouseERP helps companies for easy store and retrieval of recipe with right coding system and scanned color images for many years. ProHouseERP helps the management to maintain very good customer relationship through SMS alerts and email communciation right from order booking & acceptance to order delivery.

Modules in ProHouseERP

Order Booking



Production Planning & Control


Quality Assurance


Machinery Maintenance

Stock – Dyes, Chemicals & Spares

Stock – Cotton / Fibre

Stock - Yarn